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Harnessing The Wisdom

In the realm of child protection, it is crucial for professionals to receive comprehensive training on the complex issue of child criminal exploitation. While traditional training methods have their merits, there is a growing recognition of the unique value that lived experience consultants bring to the table.

Lived experience consultants, who have personally gone through the harrowing ordeal of child criminal exploitation, possess a deep understanding of the emotional and psychological impact it has on victims. Our firsthand knowledge enables us to connect with professionals on a profound level, fostering empathy and creating a safe space for open dialogue. By sharing our stories, we humanise the issue, making it easier for professionals to grasp the gravity of the situation and respond effectively.

I am proof that training sessions facilitated by lived experience consultants provide a unique learning experience that goes beyond theoretical knowledge. As consultants, we bring real-world examples, case studies, and practical insights into the training room, enriching the learning process. By drawing from our personal experiences, we offer nuanced perspectives that textbooks and traditional trainers may overlook. This multidimensional approach equips professionals with a more comprehensive understanding of child criminal exploitation, enabling them to recognise signs, intervene, and support victims more effectively.

One of the significant challenges in addressing child criminal exploitation is the existence of stereotypes and stigmas surrounding victims. Lived experience consultants play a pivotal role in dispelling these misconceptions by sharing our personal journeys. Our experiences challenge preconceived notions, helping professionals see victims as individuals who have been exploited rather than as mere statistics. This shift in perspective fosters a more compassionate and non-judgmental approach, leading to better outcomes for vulnerable children.


Lived experience consultants not only contribute to individual training sessions but also have the potential to drive systemic change. By actively participating in the development of policies, procedures, and training frameworks, we ensure that the voices of survivors are heard and incorporated into safeguarding practices. Our invaluable insights help shape more effective strategies, enhance collaboration between agencies, and ultimately create a safer environment for children at risk of criminal exploitation.

Lived experience consultants bring a wealth of knowledge, empathy, and authenticity to the training of professionals on child criminal exploitation. Our unique perspectives, gained through personal experiences, create a profound impact on the understanding, response, and prevention of this grave issue. By embracing the expertise of lived experience consultants, we can foster a more inclusive and effective approach to safeguarding vulnerable children, ultimately working towards a society where child criminal exploitation becomes a thing of the past.

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